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Why Cavs Fans Should Be Excited The Ramon Sessions Trade

March 15, 2012

Some thoughts regarding the big Cavs trade today:

  • The trade:
    – LA receives – Ramon Sessions
    – CLE receives – LA’s 2012 1st round pick (lottery protected), Luke Walton, Jason Kapono, and the right to swap Cleveland’s right to Miami’s 2013 1st round pick with the Lakers’ 2013 1st round pick.
  • I like Ramon Sessions. Always seemed to play hard and acted like a true pro this entire year despite losing his starting role to a rookie and being at the center of trade rumors for the past few months. On a contending team, he’d be a great back-up point guard, and a serviceable starter.
  • Both teams “won” this trade. The Lakers hope to compete for a title this year, and Sessions will be a pretty decent upgrade over Derek Fischer’s corpse. This trade guarantees to make them better in the short term, and allows them to unload Luke Walton’s moderately sized contract. Besides, late first round picks are always a crapshoot anyways.
  • Including Luke Walton in the deal kind of sucks. There are only two options. Either 1) you’re paying $6 million a year for a bench warmer, or 2) he plays a lot, and your team is crappy enough for Luke Walton to get major minutes.
  • But still, despite losing Ramon Sessions and taking on Luke Walton’s kinda-shitty-contract in return for an admitted crapshoot, the Cavaliers also “won” this trade.
  • As for Sessions, he was not going to exercise his player-option to return next year. He was, in all likelihood, going to leave for a team that could offer a starting spot.
  • As for Walton, his contract is only kinda shitty (about $6 million) and is done after 2013. A buy out is always an option. But at the very least, he becomes a $6 million expiring contract next season, which can be an asset come next deadline when the Cavaliers are (hopefully) more ready to contend.
  • As for the crapshoot, at least its a crapshoot in a super deep draft. We could have let Sessions walk away for nothing. At least now the Cavs have a chance at landing a playmaker, and that chance will be higher than most years since this draft is deeper than most years. Right now, players projected to go in the mid-20s might include Fab Melo or Doron Lamb. Either one would be an exciting addition.
  • As for Kapono, his deal expires at the end of the year, and will probably be a fan favorite. On a related note, I am now investing in a local “Jamaican’ Me Tan” store.
  • Oh, yeah. The Cavaliers also received the right to swap their rights to Miami’s 2013 first round pick with the Lakers’ first round pick. This aspect could be worthless. But it could also be huge.
  • How could it be huge? Next season, Kobe Bryant is turning 50, and he’s already showing signs of wear & tear. He’s wearing masks and tearing wrist ligaments. What if the injury bug catches up to him? The Lakers would be miserable without Kobe. And as far as I know, this right to swap is not protected.
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