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2012 NFL Draft: Cleveland Browns Day 2 Potential Targets

April 27, 2012

Alright, there are a shit-ton of players left that I still want in Cleveland.

We still need a right tackle (Oniel Cousins?!), a wide receiver, and an outside linebacker in the worse possible way.

Here are some potential candidates (note: this is all off the top of my head. Let me know if I’m forgetting anyone in particular):

Right Tackle

Cordy Glenn, UGA
– Almost forgot to mention him because I’m shocked he’s still available.

Jonathan Martin, Stanford
– Huh? He’s still available too? 

Bobbie Massie, Ole Miss
– Nickname is “Massive” Massie. Count me in.

Mitchell Schwartz, California
–  Probably the last guy I feel comfortable bringing in expecting to start. Need to at least get him. I’m OK with Greg Little, MoMass, Josh Cribbs and Jordan Norwood starting at receiver. I’m NOT OK with Oniel Cousins starting at RT.

Wide Receiver

Stephen Hill, GT
– Tall, big, fast. But did all of his big plays come because no one expected the pass in the triple option? No idea. But, hey, other GT receivers (Calvin Johnson and Demaryius Thomas) turned out pretty good.

Rueben Randle, LSU
– Liked him the more I watched him (on YouTube, but whatever). Does seem really smooth. Measured way bigger (6’3, 210) than I had expected.

Alshon Jeffery, S Car
– Scouts say that he’s not a deep threat. Huh? He ran fast (4.4ish) at his Pro Day, and all the guy did was tear up the SEC (16ish YAC during his career). He has some of the best hands in the draft. He’s huge. I don’t care if he’s not the smoothest route runner. I want a guy that I can say “Hey, Weeden, just toss it up to (insert player)” when we’re on the goal line.

Coby Fleener, Stanford
– Cannot believe he’s still available. I know we don’t really “need” a TE. But damn. Yo Soy Fiesta!


Courtney Upshaw, Alabama
– Sure, he might be a better fit in a 3-4 and more of a DE. Don’t care. I just want him on my football team. He’ll make plays.

Levonte David, Nebraska
– I’ve seen him on just about every “Guys I loved to watch on tape” type of lists. Not the biggest guy in the game, but seemed to play with a lot of heart.

Zach Brown, UNC
– Seems like the opposite of Levonte David. Physical monster but plays a little lazy. Huge upside.


Somehow end up with Fleener, one of the WRs and one of the RTs. So, for example: Fleener, Randle, and Schwartz. OMG.

I have no idea how it would happen, but I’d give up a second rounder in 2013 to make it happen.

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  1. April 27, 2012 7:56 am

    I’d be rooting for one of the linemen (especially Glenn or Martin, guys that could have been taken in the 1st round), but if we are going all ‘1993 Cowboys’ about this whole thing you HAVE to take Stephen Hill if he is there.

    • Anonymous permalink
      April 27, 2012 8:07 am

      What if I like Rueben Randle more?

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