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Cavs Draft: Making sense of the Dion Waiters and Terrence Ross rumors

June 28, 2012

When I had time to peruse twitter at work yesterday during my bathroom break – everyone was freaking out about the Terrence Ross visit. If we draft Ross at 4, I swear I’m going to break my TV.

Then when I got home late last night, a tweet from Andy Katz expressing the Cavs interest in Dion Waiters sent everyone into a similar tizzy. If we reach again this year at 4, I swear I’m going to microwave a kitten.

Calm down, everyone. Here’s why:

1)      They’re interested. Doesn’t mean they’re interested in them at 4. The Cavs’ apparent sudden interest in both Waiters and Ross tells me that they might be looking to get back into the 8-14 range – maybe by packaging 24/33/34? I have no idea. But it’s certainly a possibility. Especially if they end up selecting Michael Kidd-Gilchrist at 4. I absolutely love MKG for a gazillion bajillion reasons, but he is limited offensively. Pairing him with a scorer like Waiters or Ross (or Jeremy Lamb) would be ridiculously complementary.**  I’d do backflips for a backcourt of Kyrie Irving, Lamb/Waiters/Ross, and MKG. Backflips.

2)      The source of Andy Katz’s tweet was from Waiters’ camp. Waiters’ camp. Is no one else even the slightest bit skeptical? I see two possible scenarios to explain this: A) Someone close to Waiters’ could just be trying to drive up interest in him. This makes sense. If someone at 4 is thinking about him, then surely I can take him at 7 without getting lambasted by my fan base. It’s a good move. B) The Cavs told them they do indeed have an interest in him. Waiters sees that they have picks 24 and 4. He knows he won’t be there at 24, and assumes it’s for the 4th pick. But, of course, as I just explained, it could be after a trade up.

3)      We shouldn’t flip our shit if it ended up being Waiters over Barnes. Chris Grant “reached” for Tristan Thompson last year. He’s totally proven worthy of that pick. (Although, Jonas Valanciunas this year may prove to have been worth the 2nd or 3rd pick. But whatever.) I want to like Harrison Barnes, and almost did for a while. But I cannot help but remember thinking “man, I want nothing to do with this kid” after watching him sleepwalk through the few UNC games I managed to catch this past year.  I still would prefer Barnes over Waiters – he’s got the better pedigree and jumper – but that doesn’t mean I’d lose my shit.  (For the record, I would lose my shit if it were Waiters over MKG/Beal. Then in about 5 minutes I would convince myself that he’s the next Dwyane Wade. It’s how these things work.)

We’ll be posting a number of lottery mocks later in the afternoon. Winner gets beer from the losers.

** I’ve mentioned this a few times on twitter, but this is my dream scenario: grab MKG at 4, then trade up to pair him with a scorer (such as Lamb/Ross/Waiters). I just wanted to reiterate this and timestamp it, just so in the unlikely case it happens, I can affirm my suspicion that Chris Grant and I would be bros.

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