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Mock Lottery Contest

June 28, 2012

Alright, here are some mocks from the friends of TCB:

(Some have commentary. Some don’t.)

Sam Toth

1. Davis – Duh.

2. Robinson – Complements Bismack Biyombo well. Because good complements bad, right?

3. Beal – I’ve never wavered more on a player. I like him a lot though. I think.

4. MKG – Purely because this is what I want to happen.

5. Drummond – This is so Sacramento.

6. Barnes – Replacing Brandon Roy? I don’t know. I’m making this mock within 3 minutes.

7. Waiters – I didn’t like him the first time I saw him play. Then everyone told me to like him, and I kind of obliged. I’m pathetic.

8. Ross – I want him too.

9. Henson – At least we’re not Detroit.

10. Lillard – I’d say he fell to here. But he went to Weber State. Any time a Weber State guy gets drafted, he didn’t fall.

11. Leonard – First tall goofy white guy to go.

12. Zeller – I hope the Cavs get him. I want to cheer on another goofy white 7-footer who I can call “Z.”

13. Moultrie – They wined and dined him, right?

14. Lamb – So smooth. I want him too. Any chance the Cavs can get 5 lottery picks?!

Adam Redling (Guest poster)

1. Anthony Davis – It will be interesting to see how great of an offensive player Davis can be when he doesn’t have to defer to other stars on his team like he did at Kentucky. He seemingly has all the tools and coordination needed to be a Kevin Garnett-type post player, just with a more fluid handle. Defensively, Davis should be the most impactful player the league has seen in quite some time, maybe since Jiri Welsch.

2. Thomas Robinson – The Bobcats’ pick is where the draft hinges for the Cavaliers and the rest of the lottery teams. Robinson is the most NBA-ready player in the draft besides Davis, and will be a prototypical power forward in every aspect. One of the few players who NBA GMs know what they’re getting after his solid three years of college ball.

3. Brad Beal – Although maybe just a touch too small than what you would like for a 2 guard who will face lengthier defenders, Beal’s stroke is as pure as they come. With the ability to stretch defenses to the three-point line, coupled with his athleticism to get his own shot, Beal will be a constant threat to score—just like Jiri Welsch.

4. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist – If the Cavaliers have the opportunity to pick between Gilchrist and Harrison Barnes, I hope they go with Gilchrist. Gilchrist has the length and athleticism to get to the rim easily, and is a lockdown defender. Barnes had glimpses of what he might develop into at UNC, but his standout performances were too few and far between. Gilchrist is reportedly one of the most dedicated, hardest working players out there, but his stroke is pretty ugly and needs a ton of work. However, Gilchrist should be able to get by on his athleticism by attacking the rim; hopefully his offense develops as he gets to the league.

5. Harrison Barnes – I think Barnes will easily be a very good NBA player, but I don’t think he has what it takes to be a top-level talent.  Barnes tested off the charts athletically in his pre-draft workouts, but that athleticism never really translated onto the court. In order to fulfill his potential, Barnes needs to be more assertive getting to the rim.

6. Damian Lillard – Lillard is the best point guard in the draft, and the Blazers need to fill that hole. The major question with Lillard is that Weber State didn’t play anybody of consequence this past year. It has to be hard evaluating a player whose competition mirrored that of my 4-on-4 YMCA league.

7. Andre Drummond – Falling to number 7 is hard to do for a true center who could step into the NBA and physically dominate just about every other player in the league; however, Drummond (and his hilarious sub-30% free throw shooting) looks ready to do just that. It is hard to fathom such a gifted player falling this low, but when questions about your desire to play hard abound, it’s going to take a GM with cantaloupe-sized stones to risk his reputation drafting Drummond any higher.

8. Dion Waiters – Waiters is regarded as one of the best pure scorers in the draft, and if he falls to 8, the Raptors should grab him. In a draft as deep as this one, it will be a luxury for several teams who are able to grab players who would otherwise go in the top-5 in other years.

9. John Henson – The Pistons need size and Henson is the best available/most versatile big man.  It will be interesting to see how Henson’s offense progresses in the NBA, but his defense, length, and agility should allow him to make plays around the rim. Even if Henson’s career doesn’t flourish, at 96 lbs, he can always fall back on starring in Feed the Children commercials.

10. Jeremy Lamb – Lamb simply has a good skillset for a NBA shooting guard. He has good size and athleticism, as well as the ability to shoot and handle the ball well. He might not be an All-Star necessarily, but Lamb is going to be a very good starter for whoever takes him. Also, if he works on developing his unibrow in the offseason, Lamb should be able to get stunt double work filling in for Anthony Davis fairly easily.

11. Austin Rivers – Being one of the highest touted players coming out of high school, Rivers had a freshman year at Duke that drew mixed reviews. He undoubtedly needs to get better at decision-making with the ball in his hands, but his ability to create his own shot should clear space for him in any NBA rotation.

12. Tyler Zeller – Finding a white center with any athleticism is like finding a unicorn being jockeyed by a leprechaun, but Zeller moves pretty well for a big man and should be able to be a quality inside presence in a league with very few legitimate big men. In a related note, the over/under for times whatever coach gets Zeller says to himself during the season, “Jesus, I wish we had his brother instead” is currently set at 59 in Vegas.

13. Kendall Marshall – Marshall’s one great gift is dishing the ball. At 13, you don’t need to find a player who will do everything, but at least you need to find somebody who will do something very well. Marshall will be able to make everyone better on his team by the way he passes. His impact was clearly seen when UNC lost him at the end of the season and the team plummeted like Andre Drummond’s future team’s free throw percentage.

14. Meyers Leonard – Leonard’s job will be to protect the rim and try to avoid being featured on Sportscenter’s Top Ten for getting dunked on. You can’t teach size, which is to say, I can’t think of anything interesting to say about Meyers Leonard.

Dan W. (top commenter)

1. anthony davis’ unibrow. 1a. anthony davis. FEAR THE BROW. (registered trademark not to be used without consent of anthony davis’ unibrow)

2. MKG. not to charlotte. keeping fingers crossed.

3. bradley beal, aka ray allen’s shooting stroke, which deserted him upon news he might be taking his talents to south beach.

4. thomas robinson. jordan loves thomas robinson, which hopefully won’t doom thomas robinson’s career.

5. demarcus cousins, again. just kidding. andre drummond. wait, was i kidding?

6. damian lillard, who will emerge from the woods of utah with a scraggly beard and a missing hand. sux to play for a small school.

7. harrison barnes. i think jerry west hates him, and jerry west seems to get screwed in situations like this a lot.

8. dion waiters. good for toronto–plus not far from new york. wait–people want to play in NYC, not in upstate NY?? SHOCKER

9. john henson–because any time you can pair these two guys next to each other on a front line, you do it.

10. to pair with the best player in the draft, who better than the player who THINKS he’s the best player in the draft? austin rivers.

11. TWIST!! i’m seeing portland trading out of this spot for a low-first round and two high-second round picks with a “mystery team.” j.lamb

shoot i just traded all of the cavs picks twice. i’m going to have to take a re-do on 11.

11. portland staying here picks their big man of the future. get excited for the tyler zeller area! (is he hipster enough for portland?)

12. houston is going to end up trading this pick for dwight howard somehow. but in the meantime, dork elvis loves stats. draymond green.

13. torn between j.lamb and k.marshall for nash-less suns. but leaning j.lamb here.

14. i never know what’s up with the milwaukee bucks–most-oft forgot team in my nba memory. probably need a wing. t.ross.

Piccirilli (CWRU Sports & Entertainment Law Society)

1) davis
2) t-rob
3) beal
4) barnes
5) mkg
6) lillard
7) drummond
8) waiters
9) henson
10) rivers
11) zeller
12) lamb
13) ross
14) leonard
15) moultrie
16) harkless

Ryan L. (CWRU Sports & Entertainment Law Society)

1. Davis

2. Robinson

3. Beal

4. MKG

5. Drummond

6. Lillard

7. Waiters

8. Barnes

9. Henson

10. Rivers

11. Leonard

12. Ross

13. Lamb

14. Zeller

Andrew D. (Rat) 

1. Davis

2. Beal

3. Barnes

4. MKG

5. Waiters

6. Lillard

7. Robinson

8. Drummond

9. Henson

10. Rivers

11. Lamb

12. Leonard


14. Marshall

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  1. Dan permalink
    June 28, 2012 8:06 pm

    do i automatically win for picking mkg at no. 2? or does everyone lose because the cavs drafted dion waiters? #thisisclevelandsports

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